This Mega Man X Sega Genesis Fan-Port is INCREDIBLE! – Played on Analogue Mega Sg!

This fantastic fan port of the SNES classic Mega Man X is a sight to behold! It is noticeably harder than the SNES version, has less slowdown and in some areas improves upon the SNES version. Noticeably, the waterfalls in the background near the end of the armored armadillo stage are now actually animated!

Here’s hoping the developer finishes this project! Gameplay is captured on the Analogue MEGA Sg. I have enabled one of the Mega Sg’s graphics smoothing filters for this recording. It’s my preference. The best way to play Sega Genesis games in HD!

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More Information: Developer known as TiagoSC

For more information please check out this link:

Download link:

Weird, Strange or Wonderful Movies Worth Watching

The Man From Earth (2007)

The Holy Mountain (1973)

Waking Life (2001)

The Education Of Sonny Carson (1974)

Solaris (1972)

Three O’Clock Hight (1987)

Fantastic Planet (1973)

Conquest (1983)

Solaris (1972)

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Exterminators of the Year 3000

Exterminators of the Year 3000 Official Trailer #1 (1983) HD

In a post-apocalyptic future where the earth is a desert and water is the most precious substance of all, a band of survivors must turn to a mysterious stranger to battle a ruthless gang of motorcycle psychos for control of the wasteland and the water. A glorious crash of guns, nuclear fallout, and synthesizers make this a must-see for anyone who’s been longing for the day in which they can finally get beyond Thunderdome.

Initial release: 1983
Director: Giuliano Carnimeo
Screenplay: Dardano Sacchetti
Producer: Camillo Teti
Music composed by: Detto Mariano

Naked Vengeance (1985) – Official Trailer (HD)

Widowed, assaulted and left for dead, a former actress (Deborah Tranelli) recovers and gets revenge.

Initial release: October 1985
Director: Cirio H. Santiago
Producer: Cirio H. Santiago
Music composed by: Ron Jones
Story by: Meir Zarchi

The Sisterhood (1988) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

In the year 2021, women have been enslaved by men, with their only hope for freedom lying in the hands of a nomadic band of maiden warriors. The maiden warriors Alee and Vera tap Marya and her hawk to help them.

Initial release: January 1988
Director: Cirio H. Santiago
Screenplay: Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
Music composed by: Jun Latonio
Cinematography: Ricardo Remias

Fugitive Girls (1974) aka Five Loose Women

KOLM – Ripple

If you love bands like Tool, then you will probably appreciate KLOM.

If you like what you hear check out their bandcamp!

Randi Rain – OmniBot 2000 Refurbish Episode 1

Such a talented youtuber! Show your support and Subscribe to Randi Rain on yourtube. She refurbished, repairs and remakes retro toys such as Tomy Robots. The more you watch her videos the more talented you realize this crazy scientist is!

Mission Stardust (1967)

A team of astronauts is sent to the moon to rescue an alien who is seeking help to save her dying race. They are attacked by a force of bandit robots and discover that enemy spies are out to kill the alien.

Directed by Primo Zeglio
Written by Kurt Vogelmann, Sergio Donati, Primo Zeglio, Kurt Vogelmann, Clark Darlton
Music by Antón García Abril
The Trivia Italian censorship visa # 49535 delivered on 19-7-1967.

The Wild Wild Planet (1966)

Buck Rogers Theatrical Release 1979 TV Spot

April 1979 TV spot for the theatrical release of “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century” which was slightly edited to be the pilot episode of the NBC series of the same name the following September.

Screamplay (1985)

Directed by Rufus Butler Seder (1985)
Starring George Kuchar, Katy Bolger, Rufus B. Seder

The Troma Team is proud to present SCREAMPLAY, the story of aspiring screenwriter Edgar Allen (Rufus B. Seder) as he arrives in Hollywood carrying his most valuable possessions: a battered suitcase and a typewriter. Edgar Allen’s best attribute is his wild imagination. He imagines scenes so vividly for the murder mystery he is writing that they seem to come to life…and they do! As mysterious murders pile up, and Edgar Allen must confront aging actresses, rock stars, and the police in the bleak setting of broken dreams in Hollywood. As the line between reality and imagination becomes more blurred, Edgar Allen convinced the only way to be a real writer is to suffer, is driven slowly mad. With an appearance by legendary writer, director and actor George Kuchar as Martin, SCREAMPLAY is the gritty suspense fest that takes Hollywood by the throat and strangles it!

THE LAMP (1986)

The Power (1983)

Directors: Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter
Starred: Susan Stokey, Warren Lincoln
Aka: Evil Passage

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (1987)

Planet of the Vampires (1965)

Planet of the Vampires Trailer (1965) – Mario Bava

Planet of the Vampires (1965, Science Fiction/Horror) Trailer for the Mario Bava directed film which is widely claimed to have inspired Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus. In the near future the two spaceships Argos and Galliot are sent to investigate the mysterious planet Aura. As the Galliot lands on the planet her crew suddenly go berserk and attack each other. The strange event passes, but the crew soon discovers the crashed Argos – and learns that her crew died fighting each other! Investigating further, the explorers come to realize the existence of a race of bodiless aliens that seek to escape from their dying world.

The Green Slime (1968)

Battle Beyond The Stars (1980)

A young farmer sets out to recruit mercenaries to defend his peaceful planet, which is under threat of invasion by the evil tyrant Sador and his armada of aggressors. This is campy early 80s science fiction cheese at its very best!

The Holy Mountain (1973)

Official trailer for renowned director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 cult classic film THE HOLY MOUNTAIN aka La Montaña Sagrada, now available on DVD and Blu-ray from ABKCO Films.

A Long Ride From Hell (1968)