In the gritty streets of Tromaville, New Jersey, meet Melvin Ferd Junko III: a scrawny janitor pushed to the edge by a gang of bullies. Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie think they can mess with Melvin, but they’ve got another thing coming!

One day, a prank goes horribly wrong. They trick Melvin into wearing a pink tutu and hugging a real sheep! His humiliation knows no bounds as he flees through the gym, crashing through windows, and finally plunging into a barrel of toxic waste.

Now, transformed by the toxic ooze, Melvin rises from the sludge as a monstrous force of nature! He’s bigger, stronger, and uglier than ever before! Armed with superhuman abilities and a thirst for justice, Melvin sets out on a rampage through Tromaville, taking down bullies and criminals with his newfound powers.

But wait! The city isn’t ready for this mutated janitor turned vigilante. Can Melvin control his rage and save Tromaville from its own darkness? Find out in this electrifying B-movie thrill ride, where toxic waste meets superhuman mayhem!